wp_41It isn’t lonely, working from home. The Empress and That Man came over yesterday, as did Elkhorn. I have a meeting today about the job I’m planning to turn down. Tomorrow I have a dental appointment and a meeting with Client #2 and one of his clients, for whom I’m going to write some content. (“Yippee!” is the correct response here; it means that, just as I have successfully packaged Client #2 for my clients, he’s successfully packaging me for his, and we’re probably on the way to a successful partnership.) It’s good to have #2 son home, and I am missing #1 daughter, who returned to Cowboy Land.

Did I tell you that?

They had been calling her from the DA’s office saying they couldn’t live without her, and that she could go to school full-time there and do part of her work from home in the evenings. She’ll still get to go to court and hang out with armed guys in cowboy hats, so I guess that was an offer she couldn’t refuse.

The day before she left, I told her about the law student who turned out to be a Republican and announced that he was “smart enough to defend myself.” You may recall, if your life hasn’t been too exciting since you read the story here, that those of us present were aghast, and rushed to be reassuring and nonthreatening. With cookies.

#1 daughter’s eyes lit up. She had not been present, and she was sorry she hadn’t. We had misunderstood, she assured me. He was spoiling for a fight. He was looking forward to debating politics with us. He had been bouncing his basketball and saying, “Bring it on!” and we had failed to provide the entertainment he had been wishing for.

There’s no accounting for tastes.

As for the job I’m planning to turn down, I’ve nearly reached the point of feeling that the sheer number of meetings they want and number of changes in the arrangements of those meetings proves that I wouldn’t be happy working there. #1 daughter thinks they’re testing my response to frustration. I’m not feeling frustrated, though I suppose I might be if I were planning to take the job, but I sure am noticing that I’ll have put in a full work day on this by the time I finish — if indeed today is the end of it. My previous experience would suggest that they must plan on paying a lot, if it’s worth it for them to spend a whole work day on this. What to wear to a fourth interview continues to be an issue. I’m in jeans and a T-shirt right now, and I need to get five hours in for Client #6, plus I woke up with Client #2’s next blog post half-written in my mind, so I have to get that into the computer before I forget it, and of course I have other blog posts that aren’t even half-written yet. I may just turn up for that interview dressed as I am.

Not really.