glorious fourth I finished Bones to Pick and moved on to A Blush With Death. Both are very lightweight mysteries, and neither is good enough that I would recommend it to you. Even so, I will be reading A Blush With Death today, because I have the settled intention of lying around reading.

I was looking at the family photo albums last night to see what we’ve done on Independence Day in past years. There the family was, going on hikes and visiting museums and fairs and concerts and rodeos.

Not anymore.

If you have children and they like you to take them places, be thankful. They grow up and move away or want to do things with their friends or in World of Warcraft and think that 90 degrees is too hot for going to pet goats and stuff.

Adults can’t really enjoy going to pet goats without children.

So, since I live in a houseful of stodgy teens and adults, I will be spending a day in lassitude. Iced tea, air conditioning, knitting…

The boys have come up with a menu for the Independence Day feast, so I will also be cooking. We will probably watch fireworks on TV.

We’re getting old.

Still, that is a pleasant way to spend a day off, isn’t it?

Enjoy your holiday, exciting or relaxing.