Yesterday was a fairly normal workday. I blogged for some of the people I blog for, wrote a newsletter for my New Yorker, had phone calls from Arkenboy (potential new client) and the church which The Computer Guy and I are working on (more new navigation plans), not to mention #1 daughter with an update on leads and Elkhart asking me to sing something over the phone. There was also a call from #2 son saying he has a ride home from college next week, bless him

I had emails asking for a couple of articles, an update on content for another site The Computer Guy and I are doing (change “maple” to “walnut”), and optimistic words from The Art Prof on the site that he and I are working on. I worked on #2 daughter’s laptop, which meant that I got much less done than usual. I stopped work in time to have dinner ready for #2 daughter when she got home.

True, I don’t do this for my husband, but he gets home at 4:00 p.m.

After dinner we went out and bought a computer. This was punctuated by phone calls from boys to #2 daughter. All the calls were ostensibly about the computer.

I woke up this morning with a sense of horror. It seemed to me in my pre-dawn drowse that my kids were all making bad decisions. This may not be true; at least, I can’t seem to replicate the same level of horror now that I’m awake. But even if it is true, there’s nothing I can do about it. And probably nothing I should do about it, either. Who among us doesn’t make bad decisions? And who among us can be rescued from bad decisions by anyone, let alone our parents?

Today, I plan to work on the new desktop computer and thereby get more done, so I can go out during the day and explore the city a bit. I think that tonight we’re going out with some friends of #2 daughter’s. There has been talk of bookstores.