There are some things going on at my house. For one thing, #1 daughter’s furniture and boxes arrived yesterday. It is pretty much all still in the living room. You take your life in your hands when you walk through our living room now, not that anyone much is going to attempt that.

Also, #1 son continues not to look for work, or indeed to do anything much at all. He is behaving as though this were his summer vacation. When I speak to him about it, he becomes angry. Quite naturally. Nobody likes having someone speak to him about things like that. My husband isn’t speaking to our son about it. He is speaking to me about it. He gives me daily lectures on the subject. I don’t like it at all.

My husband keeps having aches and pains. He won’t see a doctor, but insists on sighing deeply and announcing that he is going to die soon. I should mention that he has been claiming he was going to die soon for the past couple of decades, so I ignore that part, but I would like to smack him when it comes to the sighing.

So I am working in a room entirely filled with furniture and boxes, with one guy playing video games and snapping at me and the other sighing theatrically. This is not the ideal.

I remind myself that people who work in offices are surrounded by irritations and interruptions, and they just soldier on. For some reason, I seem to think that I should be working in a nicely-appointed beach house with no interruptions all day, but maybe some people coming by in the evenings bringing me food and drink.

When I needed to think, I would go walk on the beach and swim. Somebody else would do all the housework.

Actually, I walk in the gym, because it is in the 90s and sauna-like where I really live, not to mention the furniture and humans, which I believe I already have. Nobody else does housework.

In any case, I have settled into a nice working schedule. I get up at the same ungodly hour I have for years and make my husband’s coffee. I do my personal computer stuff while I drink my tea. I have breakfast and then check my analytics, write my paid blogs, and do four hours for my big client.

Somewhere in there I usually have some extra work things come up. I negotiate with clients’ webmasters, spruce up their websites with things they send me, arrange some links for them, juggle rush assignments, meet with my local people, poke my distant people about getting their content to me.

I have set my mail announcement to Mick Jagger saying “You got some letters.” Nearly all of said letters are work-related nowadays, and they are often interesting problems to solve or fun new things to do, so that is a nice punctuation to the day.

I have become very good about stopping work in time to make dinner, and about getting to the gym or out for a walk on most days. Several evenings a week I have rehearsals or something, and I only occasionally go back to the computer in the evenings.

I’m not job hunting any more. I still read the job alerts, and I would go on an interview if someone happened to call me for one, but mostly I am just being happy about being self-employed. I am meeting with Client #2 tomorrow and will ask him to set me up a website. I have a list of local businesses to approach, and have my marketing plan developing in the back of my mind as I work on other things. I’m getting money in the bank so I don’t have to worry if there are slower spells or if (did I say “if”? Man, is that ever the wrong word!) people are slow to pay.

If things aren’t too exciting today, I’ll be able to get to the book proposal I should have been working on. If they are exciting, that will be fine with me.