Wednesday June 1, 2005

Sighkey tells us that they have no White Shoes Rule in the Southern Hemisphere. She does not specify whether this is because they have no white shoes, but is clearly quite serious about the lack of a White Shoes Rule. In fact, a fellow kiwi in her office just flat didn’t believe in it. The ladies at the store had previously joined me in speculating about what holidays you could use in the southern hemisphere to denote white shoe season, and we all agreed that Christmas would be too late, but found ourselves at a disadvantage through our ignorance of antipodean holidays. I thought maybe they could stop wearing them on Anzac day, the significance of which I recently learned, but no, it is simpler than that — they just have no White Shoes Rule at all.

 The Poster Queen emails me that Southern girls may wear white shoes from Easter on. I find this a relief, because I did sometimes buy my daughters white shoes to go with their Easter dresses, and I would hate to think that I steered them wrong. And of course sometimes these things change. I was brought up to believe that wearing high heels with trousers made you look like a trollop, but nowadays you see plenty of respectable women doing that. Not me, of course, but I have never claimed to be fashion forward.

Anyone with definitive information on the White Shoes Rule is invited to let us know.

I have been re-tagged. The tagger said she knew I had been tagged before, but I am supposed to do it again. And I suppose the answers can be different…

1) Total number of books I own?

Last time I came up with the highly accurate estimate of “a lot.” I see no reason to change this.

2) The last book I bought?

Last week I bought Something From the Oven, Murder Loves Company, The Pleasure of Finding Things Out, and Agatha Raisin and the Haunted House, all at the same time. Had I known that I would be asked the question, I would have watched which one got put into the bag last.

3) The last book I read?

Murder Loves Company

4) 5 books that mean a lot to me?

I had a lot of trouble with this question last time, and I came up with an answer by re-casting the question (I was a good student) into something more like “What books would you take with you to a desert island?” Since I’ve already gotten credit (somewhere, wherever it is that we get credit for post-school answers) for that answer, I’ll give a frank answer now. There really aren’t any books that mean a lot to me. There are books which make my pulse quicken at the thought of reading them or re-reading them, a steady supply of books is an absolute necessity in my life, there are few things I enjoy more than being surrounded by books, but there really aren’t any books that mean a lot to me, individually, as objects. It is the ideas inside them that matter, the sounds of the words, the pleasure of reading them. I never feel sad about losing a book, I never worry that people won’t return the ones they borrow, there’s another one along every minute. Plus, you can almost always get the same book again if you want it. In fact, there are some books I like so well that I have to restrain myself from buying them again when they come out in a new cover. The book I am currently reading is one of those. I own it in several different editions. However, it is also one of the books that I force upon people (a bad habit of mine) who don’t really want to borrow the book, so I currently have in my possession only one copy.

I am also supposed to tag five people. Last time I tagged three, and two of them ignored me entirely. Ha ha! I will tag them again! Chanthaboune and The Water Jar are It. The remaining three will be Andrew[plus numbers], Sighkey, and Dr. Drew. This is because I am curious about them, and they are not knitters, so probably have not yet been tagged and will — if they choose to play — tag someone we don’t already know. I continue not to tag LikeWowMom, who said she didn’t want to be tagged. However, if she secretly wants to be tagged, she should go ahead and answer the questions anyway.






11 responses to “Wednesday June 1, 2005”

  1. lornaknits Avatar

    I don’t know much about the White Shoes Rule. But at least I know it exists (existed?). My question is if linen follows the same dates, what about straw hats? They seem like a summer item too. And speaking of linen, if it’s sold rumpled at Old Navy, am I supposed to wear it that way or iron it?

  2. lornaknits Avatar

    BTW, if you can’t find your Wool Ease, I have every shade of gray heathers in my stash. I can share.

  3. chanthaboune Avatar

    Regarding the White Shoes Rule, I would have to say that the whole thing is horribly blurred. This is due to people like me who kind of feel that I should not dress according to the dictates of some overly blonded men in the fashion business. Some people do this because they chose individuality and some do it because some pop icon told them to choose individuality…

    Eitherway, you get people dressing in whatever they feel like dressing in and saying to hell with Rules of Dress.

  4. sandee_emi Avatar

    I think the white shoes rule no longer exists here on the left coast (especially in SF where I live) where almost anything goes…but back in the day it was no white shoes before Memorial Day and no white shoes after Labor Day.

  5. Elephantgirl66 Avatar

    I’m also familiar with the ‘old’ White Shoe rule and remember it the way sandee_emi describes it!

  6. sharingthemoment Avatar

    Thanx for being a good sport and playing tag with me. 🙂  I’m like the last kid picked on the team and I thought, oh no… I’m going to get dissed again.   Anyway, I’m constantly buying books (for reading or inspiring ideas) and just picked up Loop-d-Loop and Cool Crochet.  Re: the White Shoe Rule… yep, it’s just like sandee_emi says.  No before Memorial Day and no after Labor Day. What I’m wondering is “what happened to the poor unfortunate soul that violated the rule?”

  7. sandee_emi Avatar

    “what happened to the poor unfortunate soul that violated the rule?”  In my case, a woman dressed all in white (after Labor Day) stumbled into a restroom in a bar where all of us were wearing black and snottily commented on how we all looked like we were at a funeral.  Thats the only time I ever envoked the white shoes rule…I said “We were all taught that it was TACKY to wear white after Labor Day”  She turned ten shades of red and shut up fast! lol

  8. sandee_emi Avatar

    Thanks for the welcome! You know I forwarded his email to all my girlfriends. True confessions or not, I would have done what you did if I’d have known any of his friends email addresses!

  9. sighkey Avatar

    I don’t think I ever quite realised just how big a cultural gap there is between the US and us. I think I owe ozarque an apology or two. That is the problem with only knowing ex-pat USers, I think they may damp down their USness for fear of our reactions. You know the story – when in Rome pretend to do as the Romans (or kiwis )do.

    As far as I’m aware we have no general rules of fashion similar to those mentioned here (I’m sorry, I can’t stop smiling when I think of mini storms centering around white shoes and clothes…) As children my sister and I would be dressed in our Sunday best to go to Sunday school (consisted of white shoes 🙂 little hats, and stiffened petticoats under rather pretty dresses – for my brother, dark shorts, a good shirt, a jacket, and a tie) so I suspect that we accepted that as a sort of fashion rule. (Same as we always had to be dressed tidily to go to school – I don’t ever remember being allowed to wear trousers at primary school and that rule applied to all three of us) The type of ‘white shoe’ rule mentioned in the present comments seems much more widespread than anything over here – I hesitate about inquiring into this matter any further with my kiwi friends as I’m pretty sure they will think me crazy should I do so.

    Thanks to all for what has turned into a very enjoyable, if slightly strange, discussion.

  10. lornaknits Avatar

    With your Rule of Approval, I did not iron my linen shirt today. Only one person tried to straighten out the collar. LOL. Oh, and I wore white sandals!

    Regarding your question about feeling guilty as a Christian about war and whether our prayers are good enough or not….My belief is that God never promised peace. The Old Testament is full of battles and war and there are wars prophecied in the New Testament and the End Times. Even war between family members. And I pray because of my love and faith and trust in God but it is not my prayers strength that causes healing or miracles or salvation or whatever. It is God entirely. My strength is worthless and can’t change a thing. I also pray because Jesus taught us to pray and God wants us to pray. Maybe I’m giving a simplistic answer to your deep questions. I’ll mull some more on it. Please share your thoughts too!

  11. silken_shine Avatar

    Perhaps I should move to the southern hemisphere, as I have never been comfortable with fashion rules like No White Shoes. For instance, my mother always assured me that sneakers don’t count – do flip-flops?

    I’m not sure if I do most of the cleaning, but I definitely initiate most of it. I am the only one who ever says things like “oh my goodness, look at this mess!” We all have our ‘assigned jobs,’ but I can’t stand a mess; I would rather clean it myself than wait for someone else. Once I start cleaning, someone else will usually join in. I am the only one who ever says things like “oh my goodness, look at this mess!”