Yesterday began with a walk in the park. Lovely.

And then I went to work, where I took down the stuff on the south wall and put it back up in such a way as to make it look lush and tempting. I also trained our new worker, who is smart and hardworking and understands math. Much easier than most workers.

But most of the day was filled with good conversation. La Bella had printed out some deep questions for Book Club, on the nature of good and evil, the reliability of memory and how it shapes our personalities, stuff like that. She also explained to us why she hates cold sandwiches, even to this day.

The new worker and I (she doesn’t yet have a nickname) discussed different ways of dying. I have a good plan for my death, as you know, but her family tends toward long, lingering illnesses. She is hoping for a quick heart attack. We were chatting about this while rearranging the math manipulatives. I don’t want you to think that we were slacking.

An old friend from my former church brought me up to date on the continued horrible happenings there. It is much worse than when I left, she says, but she is hopeful, because it is now so bad that people will just have to do something. Kind of an apres le deluge approach. Me, I like to be gone before the flooding begins. The rats start leaving the ship, that’s my cue.

#1 daughter explained why Navy wives ought not to give naked pictures of themselves to their husbands. She has a meeting with the Squadron today. That is not connected with the naked pictures question. However, if you are considering becoming a Navy wife, you might want to consider these things. Do you want a marriage that involves meetings with the Squadron?

My boys were not much on conversation yesterday, although they did break into my talk with #1 daughter quite a bit to give their opinions. They have created an altar to boyhood right in front of the fireplace. They brought my pretty porch bench in to use as a weightlifting bench, lined up the barbells on the hearth, and have gathered plenty of games near at hand. I like the way they put down a cloth to protect the barbells from scratches, don’t you?

So my husband was on the sofa watching Thai boxing and explaining the finer points to me, and the boys came in nice and sweaty from basketball and plopped down with their box of Cheez-its. #1 daughter knows how this is. She does not have sons, but she has her husband and his shipmates.

I do not dwell on this lack of civilization around my house. There may be houses full of guys in which the custom is to dress nattily and converse like Lord Peter Wimsey, but there are also households where they scratch and spit and swear and refuse to use the indoor plumbing, so I am content.

Here is my Knit the Classics project, making slow progress because I have too much else going on to knit much. It is almost ready for its shaping.

Yes, this is the back. The back is more interesting at the moment than the front. I’ll show you the front again when it becomes more interesting.