Last night I did the buttonholes for my SWAP jacket. You see it here unpressed, with the inner seams not yet finished but still quite close to being a Finished Object.

I’m feeling a little overwhelmed by the amount of work I have this week. This is good, by the way. As long as I can actually do all the work, having lots is good.

I’m taking time off in the evenings and on the weekends anyway. I think that if I don’t take time off, I’ll still have more work than I can finish.

I’m also having proper meals most of the time. And spending some time with my family. And exercising most days. Reading for pleasure.

It’s closer to normal life than Back to School at the store was, for sure.

Today I have two websites to finish up (I hope — it depends on my getting info from the people I’m writing for) and some articles to write, plus class and choir practice. Blogging, of course. Papers to grade. Business stuff to do, though I’m trying to push as much of that stuff as possible onto my daughters.

Better get to it.