I went to the gym yesterday, and to a concert last night, just like a normal person. True, I’m up at 4:30 to finish grading papers, but still..

One of the main reasons not to skip the gym, it seems to me, is that you don’t enjoy it as much if it’s been a while since you went. I don’t have sore muscles today (disappointing, that) but it was a bit of a slog to get through the whole 30 minutes on the treadmill yesterday.

The concert was good. It was a youth choir, and they had some very good voices, and instrumentalists who were apparently heavily influenced by Led Zeppelin. Two of the boys came home with me, walking through the firefly-filled dusk, to take showers and play video games for a bit. They were both from Crowley’s Ridge,and said “Yes, ma’am” every other sentence. They’ll be coming to the university here in the fall; I told them to look up #1 son.

Must grade those papers…