I have been a slacker on my SWAP.

This WIP picture shows an outift which I have since finished. I made a matching top for the skirt, too. I’ve done nothing more since then.

That means that I have completed one jacket, two of four tops, and one of four bottoms. 2/5 of the way there, with a September 1st deadline. I’d better step it up if I’m really going to do this.

I haven’t been thinking about it much, as it happens. I’m back to 12 and 14 hour workdays, and when I have free time, I’ve been knitting and being domestic.

However, I got a catalog in the mail yesterday that showed a lot of a particular color combination: orange red and aqua.It looked ugly to me, as it happens, but it could be the up and coming new color combination, so it’s causing me to re-examine the idea of bringing a nice tomato red (not orange at all) into my SWAP as an accent color. I have a length of linen in that shade, and it might jazz things up as a blouse.

When I’m going to sew a blouse I don’t know. However, this is the last week of summer school and, while I’m currently enmeshed in a whole bunch of projects, I have no new ones coming up. So I’m toying with the idea of a vacation.

With no new projects on the horizon and tuition to pay, I’m not considering travel. But I might take a week and sew. I could watch everything on Netflix Instant Watch, go out to lunch with friends every day, take long walks early in the morning, stuff like that. It could be fun.