I’m approaching the day with some trepidation. First, Client #6 is calling me from the West Coast today to “check in.” I am not good with the phone; it’s on my list of aversions. I’ve improved with it a lot, but I keep remembering that this guy initially — when talking with me on the phone — suggested that we try it for a week and see. True, I have signed a two-month contract, but he could fire me, right?

I also have been chosen as the dealer blogger for an industry journal, in anticipation of my work with Client #4. The “in anticipation” part is the problem. I am meeting with the client tomorrow, to determine what she wants me to do and negotiate the contract and so forth. If we aren’t successful with that, then I will be a dealer blogger without a dealer, and that will not be ideal.

Last night’s choirlet rehearsal ended with strawberry shortcake (and yes, I ate it, though I turned down the ice cream cake 5#2 son brought home from work. There is just too much cake in my life) and some wild tales from the Elks Club.

Seriously. Apparently, the local Elks Lodge is a scene of gilded decadence. We heard about the elderly gentleman in his dinner jacket flanked by a pair of ladies in evening dresses, each with a hand on his bottom. And the well-endowed woman who pulled a fan from her cleavage after an evening of hot and heavy dancing. And the barmaids who keep the liquor coming without waiting for people to order. And the gambling den in the back room.

Their lives are way more exciting than mine.

I was somewhat excited about the lentil and brown rice soup from the Sonoma Diet cookbook, though I have to admit that, while it is delicious and satisfying, especially if you are eating in front of the computer as I am not supposed to, it is not as exciting as strawberry shortcake.

I made a large pot of it and froze it in smaller containers, since no one but me is going to eat it. I can have it for lunch, I figure, and make some more when I run out.

Okay. I am going to prepare for my discussions with Clients #s 4 and 6. It is entirely possible that these two will give me steady enough work that I will not have to do much else in the way of searching for clients. If I do things right.

No pressure, eh?