I stayed up late last night talking to #1 daughter, who arrived in time for dinner (salmon with cilantro and lime juice, corn, pears, and WW-style Potatoes Lyonnaise). We took the dogs for a walk and sat up discussing Life the Universe, and Everything till too late.

Yesterday I went to the WW meeting before class. The leader is very perky, but also bright and sensible. #1 daughter, who works in management for a rival company, was avid to hear all the details of the program and the meeting, so I repeated it all to her and we looked at all the materials. I am therefore pretty clear on how the thing works.

I then dashed off to class, where we were reasonably successful with the whole Web 2.0 thing. The older lady in the class was feeling somewhat helpless, but she took a seat next to a nice young man. When I came by to check on her, he said, “She’s with me.” Really, it was heartwarming. We learned the two essential bits of HTML for making your CMS do more or less what you want it to, and all seemed well.

I got back to my computer and had a frankly frustrating day. Pages wouldn’t load when I needed them, Firefox kept getting all faint (throwing water in its face is not an option), and the project I was able to complete was lost in one of the fainting spells.

#1 son even completed his FAFSA. He and #1 daughter are heading off for Bonnaroo today. I got full points for my first two assignments in my Photoshop class, too. A nice, normal day, really.