I’m panicking slightly about the amount of work I have to do, but I think that it can in fact be done. During back to school at the store, we learned not to look at the line of people waiting at the register, but just to focus on getting the items on the counter rung up and into the bags. If I take this approach, I think I should be able to get everything done.

This is my old work stock and flow diagram. You just have to add five more agencies on the left, increase the “random clients” source, and you’ll have the image of my current work stock and flow.
If I keep calm and keep working, all will doubtless be well. If it reaches unmanageable proportions, #2 daughter will give notice and come work for me. Or stay where she is and work for me; that would also be okay.

I’m back to the Wii Fit regularly, now that I’ve recovered from whatever dreadful virus had me in its grip, I’ve had some downtime and recreation, and I’m cooking proper meals most of the time. Housekeeping is still very shoddy around here, but we can’t have everything, can we?

I’ve done a startling amount of shopping this month. Startling for me, I mean. While #2 daughter was here, we went to the mall for skin care supplies. The young lady at the Clinique counter asked me if I had any “skin concerns.”

I was at a loss, rather. I mean, there’s nothing particularly wrong with my skin, but I do sort of feel that I had better take care of it before it lets me down completely. I have discolorations, and wrinkles around my eyes and stuff.

“Well,” I offered, “I’m old.”

She stared at me.

I think she had been told to repeat what the customer said in her subsequent sales pitches. She stumbled a bit at the places where she was probably supposed to do that, and once did say, “Since you’re old” and then laughed uncomfortably.

I was surprised to discover that I ended up with exactly the same stuff I used back when I used Clinique before, when I was young. No additional unguents or miracle creams were offered.

When my old college chum and I went to the Japanese cosmetics shop in Little Tokyo, the saleswomen looked at us severely and told us we needed special elixers to get rid of age spots. They discussed us among themselves in Japanese and looked as though we just might have reached them in time.

I didn’t buy the stuff from them at the time, but seeing that Amazon had their miracle potion, I did order some this month. Between that and my Clinique regimen, I feel as though I am doing my part.

The Clinique girl also showed #2 daughter half a dozen lipsticks and eventually found her a pink that she could wear, which was an impressive feat.

I was supposed to have bought clothes, I think. #2 daughter said repressively that I was not to buy anything green this time. We didn’t get that far, though, so I ordered things online in outlet sections. I bought a green top, I confess, but also some things in other colors. I think I can now finish out the semester without appearing eccentric, and really, if you don’t care a whole lot what you wear, you can finish off your list at the outlet shops for just about as much as a week or two of groceries.

And I bought a television. I was trying to find an armoire to put the old TV in, but it turned out to be cheaper to buy a new TV that would fit on a modern media console, which is it seems what people use nowadays.

So, yeah, I guess it’s a good thing that I have lots of work.