I wrote 10,000 words yesterday. This is what you can write in eight hours, in case you’ve ever wondered.

That might not be accurate, really. It depends on so many factors, after all. But there was an odd concatenation of circumstances yesterday: namely, that I was writing one long document on a program with a word counter, and that I spent eight full hours on oDesk, where of course they only count the time when you’re actually writing. So when I came to the end of the document and I saw that I had eight hours and 10,000 words, I thought, “Okay, so if I actually spent eight hours a day writing, that’s what I could produce. Now I know.”

I went to the Botanical Gardens yesterday, to get the stuff for my article on the subject, which did get turned in by the deadline. And I spent an hour with the Art Teacher, explaining Google Analytics and what they tell you about design, which was fun. It also involved climbing one squillion stairs. The Art Teacher was a little taken aback by an email he and I had received from our mutual client, nudging us. He had turned stuff in for review on Friday, so getting a “hurry up” message on Monday seemed odd to him. It’s actually quite normal. Any computer guy who takes the weekend off can expect to get nagging messages on Monday morning.

On the other hand, you can turn in your article at 9:30 p.m. and not consider it late, so there are pluses and minuses.

I didn’t take the picture above, by the way. The nice people at the Gardens sent me a bunch of photos to go with my article.

I fully intended to go to bed early last night. I skipped my class in order to meet my deadline, and signed off from the computer early enough to get some sleep, but it just wasn’t meant to be. Sigh.