bijoux back Here is the completed back of the Bijoux Blouse — that’s an Oat couture pattern, in Endless Summer Connamara, on #2 needles, for the wandering knitter who chances by.

Yesterday morning I took my computer to the computer hospital. Only one worker was there when I arrived, a slight fellow who rushed out to help me carry in the ailing electronica.

On the left as I entered was a normal service desk, except that it was covered with a welter of wires and papers. On the right was an ordinary retail shelving unit — with its pegboard back facing the door. The retail goods were hidden on the other side. Lighted display cabinets held empty boxes, stripped wires,and other rubbish. Wastebaskets in plenty were in evidence, but all surfaces held what appeared to be trash.

Also there were computers. Lots of computers. The worker explained to me that he was trying to get the techs to where they could reliably identify the right computer for the right customer.

“They don’t remember people’s names,” he said. “Just what they did to the computer.”

This was why another customer was on the way to swap the computer he’d been sent out with for his own computer.

I think this happens among medical professionals sometimes, too. The difference being that, if you go to pick up Aunt Ardyth at the hospital and they, thinking of her only as The Spleen in Room 412, give you someone else’s auntie by mistake, you will usually notice.

I have trouble recognizing my own car in a parking lot. I surely cannot be expected to know whether I have actually received my own computer.

“They’re great techs,” the worker continued, “but they’re not very organized. That’s why they hired me”

I carefully did not look at the room.

The computer is supposed to be returned in the next day or two.

I went on to work, where Blessing and I got a start on packing up the back room, and I returned to the question of the site map — and solved it! Well, no. Actually, I solved the problem of why I couldn’t get the site map generators to work. It was another of those things like a knitter who didn’t realize that you turn around at the end of the row. It is no wonder that Arkenboy isn’t able to help me with these things. He has met me. He has no reason to think that I am a complete idiot. It doesn’t occur to him that I might need these things pointed out. But the sad fact is that not only am I completely at sea with these tasks, but the people I work with know even less than I do.

However, while I was able to generate a site map, and got all excited about it and tried in vain to get anyone else to admire it, I was not able to save it. The computer just gave up at line 64. Of 71,964.

Today I will try again. We are only about a week and a half from closing the store, so I will also be doing lots of packing. It would be good if we could get all the non-retail stuff packed up this week.

The computer hospital could pack up in a day. A broom and dustpan would do it. Still, I am hopeful that they will cure my hardware.