Updating on the Kindle, I have to correct myself on the cost of books. While most are around $10, there are some that cost more and some that cost less — including some for free. I got one of those, His Majesty’s Dragon, to see whether the Kindle is in fact good for reading novels. It is, except that I find that I have to wait for the page to turn. I assume I’ll get used to that. You never lose your place with a Kindle — it opens up to the page you were on before.

Salt Peanuts is coming along, but this is where the pattern says to bind off for the shoulder. I don’t believe the pattern. Maybe it has some unusual construction, though. If you know anything about this, I’d like to hear about it.

It turns out that the pastor doing the memorial service tomorrow is an old friend of mine, which will help. For me, at least. My younger brother’s funeral was conducted by someone who had never met any member of the family, and it was sort of horrible. Funerals are always hard, but sometimes they can be comforting, too.  That’s what we’re doing tomorrow, anyway. #2 daughter is coming home tonight for the occasion.

I was approached by another design firm yesterday. Mostly yesterday I did unbillable work — rewrites and cleanups for things about to launch, pro bono publicity work for the Master Chorale, my own blog posts. Monday I finished the work for my Blackboard certification and met with The Empress about my taxes. I still need to get the rest of my WebCT course built, do my book reviews, grade papers, and get my accounting set up — also unbillable. But one of my British firms has a new job for me, and I also heard from this design firm in L.A.

And there’s the question. I have a local design firm on my list — The Computer Guy. I also have The Northerners, who have some uncanny similarities to my local guy, but both the firms focus on their local markets, The Computer Guy going a couple of states south and The Northerners going a state north. I turned down a Canadian firm, and felt that I had the continent bisected, and it’s a big continent, so that I wasn’t working for people who were in competition with each other.

If I take this new guy on, he’ll be the only one west of the Rockies. I don’t know if he goes with a local clientele or not. All my other IT guys are in different niches of the IT ecosystem. I figure it’s fine for me to work for one sparrow and one badger in the same meadow, and I felt okay with having two red foxes whose hunting grounds didn’t overlap, but can I take on another red fox and be sure that they won’t at some point be in competition with one another?

While #1 daughter was here, she helped me improve my business goals. I felt that my business goals for this year were pretty lame, but I think the rewrite has improved them. Here they are:

  • Increase billable hours and invoices by 35% over last year’s monthly average.
  • Get all needed business systems in place.
  • Create and begin implementing a long-term plan for diversification sufficient to make eventual retirement possible.

#2 daughter has approved these goals as being less lame than my previous ones.

So far, I’m not on track to meet my goal for billable hours this week, but a) it’s not my fault, since I have several projects pending, and b) I really have to get the unbillable stuff done. So that’s the jolly plan for the day.