I have been tagged by Silkenshine. So here are the questions.

1) Total Number of Books in Your House: Oh, I have no idea. I counted one shelf in the dining room and multiplied by the total number of shelves in there and from this I estimate that I have about 125 in the dining room. By the same method, I estimate 500 in the living room. There are also books in the three bedrooms, the kitchen, the garage, the hallway, and the linen cupboard, so I guess… um… I have lots of books.

2) The Last Book You Bought Was: Art Glass Quilts by Julie Hirota.

3)What Did You Last Read Before Getting Tagged: Well, I am currently reading Hamlet, Revenge by Michael Innes. The literal last book I read from  before the tagging was the Bible. The last book I finished was N or M? by Agatha Christie. I bought both those novels used in Liberty last month while visiting my college girl.

4) Write Down 5 (or 6) Books You Often Read, or That Mean a Lot to You: I read Three Men in a Boat every year. I also re-read E.F. Benson’s Lucia books every year, and Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol. I read Shakespeare and the Bible the most regularly. Brian Wren’s Praying Twice is a book that has had an effect on my view of the world, which doesn’t happen often — or at least I am not often conscious of it, which is probably the same thing.

5) Who are You Going to Pass The Stick on to and Why? Chanthaboune, The Water Jar, and Scriveling, because I know they are all readers, so it won’t be too hard for them.