If you ever drop by here and feel like I’m insufferably cheerful, read on, because I have had a couple of rough days.

I guess they’re not that rough. However, the people with whom I’m in contact in the physical world don’t want to hear any more whining, so here it is:

  • PayPal refused a transaction — AMEX from a doctor. They agreed that there was nothing wrong with my account or with the doctor’s card, but it tripped something in their algorithm, so too bad. For me, the worst part was the email in which they suggested that I should be happy that they were so vigilant. The doctor, who wants a website built, wasn’t happy.
  • So I had to arrange for a merchant account. This wasn’t actually that bad. It took one day, and probably involved only about an hour’s worth of time, spread out over the day. But it meant that every twenty minutes or so i had to track down something — the bank’s routing number, my tax ID number, three months’ worth of bank statements — and send it back to them. Also, they will be coming in tomorrow to visit my office and take pictures. No pressure there, of course. Especially since #2 son, who sleeps in said office, just got home from college.
  • I gave a final on Monday, but a couple of students missed it, so I had to regive the final today for one of them and work out an incomplete for the other. Three hours’ worth of time, that.
  • Because of these two lost sheep, I couldn’t get my grades completed and turned in yesterday, when I planned to do so. Also, my online course included three students with obviously plagiarized final papers. So I still have to deal with Stuff before I can get the grades in.
  • Once the grades are in, I then have to transfer them — manually — to paper, print out the grades I put in, and take all these papers, physically, up tot he next county and turn them in. Another few hours.
  • In the midst of all this, I got a call from a client for whom I’d done a slideshow, saying that there was a name spelled wrong. I wasn’t the one who had spelled it wrong, but this was for a retirement party. Obviously it had to be fixed — and for the program I was using, that meant reconstructing it from scratch. We also had myriad technical difficulties, so I spent an additional three or four hours total dealing with this.
  • Meanwhile, I’m trying to get all my blogs done, launch one website, and start another. I’m also working on a homepage update for a regular client. I did the text and sent it to the developer, only to be told that I needed to make the changes myself. Okay. The site’s being converted to WordPress, so I naturally figured I could make the changes from the dashboard. Nope. I had to get into the xml file, change it, and FTP it up. Again, no problem — except that no one told me this, and instead we talked at cross-purposes all afternoon, till the developer (one of a large team of developers) told me to go read the documentation. Gotta say, having a team of developers hang around waiting for the writer to figure out her own problems with the xml file seems a little hostile.

You may not be amazed to learn that I haven’t gotten all my work done.

And I think you’re definitely not amazed that people don’t want to listen to this stuff any more.