Yesterday I wrote a website on liquid backhauling, yet another example of how much new stuff I’m learning about, and had more lengthy conversations with people who haven’t actually signed contracts yet, and might not. Then I went to the American Association of University Women meeting, which was very nice, and then to see Fiddler on the Roof, with Chaim Topol, the actor from the movie. It was wonderful.

Seeing it done with clever sets on a fairly small stage (I sang on that stage last month, so I know) really made me appreciate the quality of the script and the acting. We get so accustomed to having special effects provide much of the drama, it’s easy to forget.

La Bella had a couple of tickets, and her husband didn’t care to go. They’re leaving for D.C. this morning, so he stayed home and packed and I went with her to the show. It is actually better to go to musicals with a girlfriend, since you can cry at the sad parts without having your husband roll his eyes at you, which both of ours would have done. Also, the men around us were all trading stories of how their wives had inveigled them into going, while we both enjoyed it enormously.

La Bella is also in AAUW. We met at the president’s house, a wonderful place designed by our local famous architect. It was suggested that I should be on the board. I assured them that I couldn’t.

“I’ll be happy to work,” I said, “but in the work that I do there are often sudden emergencies, so I can’t go to meetings.”

I said this with a straight face. As though I were a surgeon or something. What could they say, though? “Oh, come on, a developer telling you that ‘the guys in India’ are waiting on your content update’ isn’t a real ememergency” would have done it, I guess, but they didn’t actually know what I was talking about, so they didn’t say that. They just nodded.

Having left directly from work for the meeting, I had three crackers, a bit of exotic cheese, and a couple of almonds for dinner. Also a bit of red wine at the meeting and a sip or two of Chardonnay in the intermission at the performance. I came home and had a bowl of Cheerios, rounding out the meal. They had actually given out little boxes of Cheerios at the performance, since General Mills was sponsoring it. No walk or other exercise yesterday.

My husband waited up for me, and went in late to work today, so we were able to sleep in till 6:00. So I feel like I’m getting a late start. I have bunches of blogging to do today. Better get at it.