A couple more photos from the gardens. There is this giant egg-shaped arbor at one point.

Inside, as you can see from the photo below, there are chairs arranged as if for a meeting.

I think this would be a great place to hold a meeting. “It would encourage lateral thinking,” I suggested.

“It would be distracting,” said #2 son. “No one would be able to focus.”

I’ll leave it to you to decide.

Last night I went to a poetry reading. It was in the main theater of the Arts Center, and it was nearly full. There were older people, younger people, a couple of babies. Lots of friends of mine from various contexts. The stage was quite beautifully dressed, but the elderly poet, Mary Oliver, was wearing some ordinary dark kit and standing alone at a podium reading. We listened to Mary Oliver reading her poems for an hour, and gave her not one but two standing ovations.

That’s the kind of town we are. It makes a person proud to live here.

I have to confess that I wasn’t familiar with her poetry before last night, but it was great stuff.

Check out her “Beans”  and “Peonies.”

Ms. Oliver also answered questions. She said at one point that people tried to write at random times and failed because “the creative process doesn’t know you’re going to be there, so it doesn’t show up.” Writing, she said, or any creative endeavor, has to be done every day in order to be easy.

I think she’s right.

LaBella and I were talking about the question of what kind of town we are as we left. We’re residents of a town that supports 70 year old poets and botanical gardens, but also is adding to our current annual motorcycle festival another one focused on women. Well, not women, but “babes” and “bling.”

You can like this because it shows the diversity of the town, or you can feel like we’re prostituting our lovely town for the sake of the money the bikers bring in. Maybe both.

We launched a new website yesterday, and I turned in the copy for two more. Today I meet with the client for another. I also have stuff for the Kennedy Center. And blogs.

Happy day!