Here I am, through with the Bijoux Blouse, and yet I haven’t begun another knitting project. True, I have Erin on the needles, and I am quilting the Provencal table runner, but normally you finish one project and start another, right?

But I realized that my approach to the whole stash and WIPs thing is different from that of a lot of knitters here in blogland.

Until last year, I never even had a stash. I had the yarn for my current project, and toward the end of that I would begin looking for the yarn for my next project, but I was really never more than one project ahead. Now I have enough yarn for half a dozen projects.

I didn’t sew enough to buy fabric, but then I started the SWAP and bought as much of the planned fabric ahead as possible, so I now have something of a fabric stash as well.

I never had more than two WIPs in those days, either, but now I have several.

All these things nag at me. Other knitting bloggers enjoy their stashes and WIPs enough to post lists of them and unending pictures of yarn (I have neve seen the charm of the pictures of yarn, I’m afraid), but I don’t enjoy having mine. They make me feel as though I am running behind.

I have realized the difference. To the other folks, stashes and WIPs are wealth. To me, they are a to-do list.

I have enough sock yarn for three pairs of socks right now, which I probably won’t knit till August or Socktober. So I have “knit russet socks” and “knit gray socks” on my back-of-the-mind to-do list for months. I don’t like that. You know, if you read this blog much, how I get about deadlines. If I am going to do something, I like to get right in there and do it.

So for me, those two lengths of Tencel I have sitting by my sewing machine waiting for me to make them into trousers are Unfinished Tasks.

When I consider what to begin knitting now for my Zombie Project, I hear all this buzzing from the WIPs — the table runner, Erin, the bed quilt I pieced last year and haven’t quilted yet, the jacket of lilac linen. “How can you knit a zombie project,” they nag, “when we aren’t finished yet?’

But I can’t do any of those things while I read, so quite a bit of potential knitting time is being wasted while I read.

I am not this way about books. At the moment, I have a stack of unread books, also an unusual circumstance for me, and it makes me feel downright cozy to think that I won’t run out of things to read. They feel like wealth.

So I figure that I can, if I try, start thinking of my shawl yarn not as an unfinished shawl, but as wealth. That batik print that is slated to become a tunic? Wealth.

This may require some practice. But I will cast on a new Zombie Project today.