Working here in the big city is a lot like working at home, except that there’s a lot going on outside and you can’t just step out for a breath of air. I actually wasn’t conscious of doing a lot of stepping outside, but I have been missing the outside enough that I think I must have done.

Also, there are no dogs and not many boys. Not physically present, at least.

Yesterday included bits of work-related excitement, and then we went to a used bookstore.

I restrained myself, actually, since they had lots of out of print books by favorite authors of mine. There was a sign explaining the prices: “$2.50 or half of current cover price.” Frequently, there were no cover prices. Also, it didn’t say, “…whichever is higher” or anything like that, so it wasn’t really possible to tell what anything cost. They might as well have put up a sign saying, “We charge whatever we feel like for the books. Get over it.”

In keeping with this overall usability problem, they had all the fiction sorted by author’s last name (probably the least useful method there is), but some was upstairs and some downstairs. Thus, if you wanted to find some books by Edmund Crispin, you would have to look on both floors. If you were looking for some good mysteries, you had to prowl through all the books, but you’d have found plenty.

As I say, I restrained myself. I did get a nice stack, though, plus a wonderful book on textiles of the Arts and Crafts movement, a topic which I find fascinating. The nonfiction was shelved by subject, sort of, with very random labeling practices. Their website also doesn’t have their hours or contact info. This is an anti-usability icon, this store.

However, they had books by Edmund Crispin, Tom Sharpe, Peter Cheyney, Patricia Wentworth — people like that.

There were glitches yesterday in my class registration, a domain transfer, and a Twitter system I’m trying to set up for a client. In all cases, human error was the source of the problems. I also have a couple of people contacting me for work, for whom I’m not sure I want to work. One is offering a commission deal and wanting me to discount my monthly rate, and the other is just in a field I don’t care to work in.

I would sort of like to say, “Sorry, I don’t do that sort of thing.” However, it sounds … judgmental? elitist? scornful? So I’m sort of putting off any response to either of them.

#2 and I are going to go out for breakfast. Yesterday afternoon, we played Project Manager. When she got home, I told her where I was with the six websites I’d done stuff with. She felt that there should be more information written down somewhere. Files. Something like that.

I see her point. An enormous collection of emails isn’t really a filing system.