Work, for me, often involves close interaction with boxes and ladders, so it is nothing unusual for me to notice at some point during the day that I am covered with dirt. Yesterday, since I was going out in the evening, I had a mild flash of irritation at the fact. It also brought the destroyed jeans phenomenon back to my mind, and I mused on it while labelling books.

I think I have it figured out. We had been thinking, why pay eighty bucks for something that is already worn out? Reflecting on this naturally brought to mind #2 son, whose jeans are so frequently in a destroyed state. This is because he walks, cycles, skates, trampolines, does gymnastics and rockclimbing, gardens, climbs fences, and also does whatever it is that gives him jagged wounds which he dismisses with “Oh, I don’t remember how that happened.”

The wearers of pre-destroyed jeans may spend their time in front of the TV, eating Funyums and watching reruns of “Whose Line Is It Anyway,” but their jeans will say that they revel in extreme sports, saving dolphins, fighting evil — something, in short, more exciting than what they really do. That could be worth $80. I think the authentic adventure is worth a lot more, but you know how opinionated I am.

#2 son’s packet of Summer Institute papers arrived. He will be spending three weeks on the campus of the local university, studying architecture. He has chosen his service project, planting flowers and landscaping in local parks. #1 son has applied for a summer job at the local nursery. I am glad to see a love for growing things in them.

I have finished cutting the quilt. #2 daughter got tired of it early on, and I did the majority of it, so the level of accuracy may not be what it should be. I also do not have all 1,260 triangles required. I have enough for 32 blocks, not 35. I may be able to find a fabric that will meld, if not match, or I may just make it smaller than the pattern calls for. It is good to have that element of suspense when beginning a project, isn’t it? Well, maybe not. Certainty that all the little packets of triangles, some of which I present to you on the left, will actually become a beautiful quilt, might be better. However, I have made a number of beautiful quilts, and most of them have had a greater suspense factor than this one, so I am not worrying.