My dad seemed pretty cross about having to stay in the hospital yesterday, so I hope they’ve let him go home. Last I heard, they’d given him lots of tests but couldn’t come up with any convincing diagnosis. At least, as I told him, by the time he leaves he’ll be confident that he’s completely healthy.

The first thing they asked him, after they’d established that he knew his name, was “Do you feel safe in your home?” which I found weird. He also found it weird. I assume that they get used to having people look at them in that “What kind of question is that, you weirdo?” manner, and aren’t bothered by it. The nurse asking this looked just like Jordan on Scrubs, if you add eighty pounds. I want you to have the full experience here.

The WSJ article ran, but without any link to my website, so I am no longer excited about it. However, it was still a fun experience. The writer called me again last night to ask whether I’d share how much I earn, but I said no. She was nice about it. “I probably wouldn’t either,” she said, “but my editor said to ask.” The photographer was also nice, though of course I don’t like the picture they ran. It has a clear view of my dirty kitchen floor and dog bowl. I didn’t see any of the pictures, but he took close-ups and ones with the piano in the background, so I was just unlucky about the floor.

I’m giving a final this morning, and signing the contract for my summer class. Grades go in on Friday, and then I have a couple of weeks off from teaching,during which I hope to catch up with work and reading the books I’m supposed to review. And clean my kitchen floor. There’s just one more week of my Tuesday class, too. My workshop for this Saturday didn’t make, so I have that off the list. More importantly, I’m doing better about including gym time and downtime and stopping for proper meals. I’ve lost six pounds and am feeling less tired.

Because it’s clear that I’m not in some situation waiting for things to get back to normal. This is normal. If I want “normal” to include proper meals and a clean house and not being sleep-deprived all the time, then I’m going to have to arrange for that.

Tomorrow, someone is coming in to help with bookkeeping. Or data entry, or something. I don’t know what her background is, exactly, but she’s a nice, sensible woman who has been running her own business for some years. She mentioned to me that business is not going well for her, she has some health issues, and she’s worrying about money. Business is going well for me, but I’m adding new clients and jobs all the time and have no records of any kind, and I’m worrying about the fact that all my business information exists in the form of emails. So I figure we can help each other out a little.

I’m hoping she has some skills that I don’t. I told her last night that I had tried to think of some way to organize the data for her, but really if I had time to organize the data, I’d have time to input it into the accounting software, which I think is the highest priority item. And there is just flat no way for me to do that that wouldn’t involve sleeping even less than I do. Maybe this lady can get things underway for me and then I can keep it up on Monday and Tuesday evenings, once I have both of those free. Because sleeping less is not a good plan.

Not being sleep deprived all the time is a particularly important goal, since my Creative Entrepreneur exercises revealed to me how many of the negative or destructive thoughts/feelings/actions were only problems when I was very tired. Since that revelation, that truth has been borne in on me repeatedly. I read that self-discipline takes energy, so we’re more likely to skip the gym or overindulge in pizza and ice cream when we’re tired. We’re more likely to make mistakes and be bad-tempered or impatient when we’re tired. I even noticed that I’m tempted by e-commerce when I’m tired.

Seriously. There’ve been a couple of mornings when I was trying to wake up by making desultory forays around the web (surfing, to put it in normal language) and found myself shopping. This is kind of astounding, considering how little I enjoy shopping, but yes, when I am so exhausted that I realize it would be better not to answer those important emails yet, I also can think I need some yarn (Salt Peanuts is progressing slowly, thank you) or books (I have a dozen I need to review) or stationery from Singapore or something.

I’d better get going or I’ll be late for that final.