5 I am doing some knitting, but it is another of those rectangular things, so there seems little point in photographing it for you, since I do not have the skills to produce lyrical photos of a rectangle of stockinette. Some people can do that, but I am not one of them.

My working at home is settling in. In some ways, this is the perfect job for me: lots of variety, lots of learning, opportunities to use my training and skills, flexibility as to time and place. I am certainly enjoying it, and working hard, and doing my best.

So last night, when I got home from class shortly after 9:00 and returned a call from The Empress, I was pleased to hear that she thought I was doing a good job (as I’ve said before, it is hard for me to tell) and slightly alarmed to hear “It can’t go on forever.”

This sentence was embedded in a discussion of today’s school visits, so it slipped past and it wasn’t until after the conversation ended that I began to wonder what she had meant.

Because actually, I figured I was in this for the long term. Computer, conferences, school visits, workshops, and someone else minding the physical store while I did the virtual store, that was my plan. As long as I succeeded at it. I have been somewhat prepared for an announcement that the whole moving of the store thing had failed and we would all be out of work, but we were talking about strategies for next fall.

I had been starting to relax slightly.

My concern of course is that I will be asked to give up my research and writing and teaching and visiting job and drive to the store every day. I won’t go into all the reasons that I am unwilling to do that; most of you already know most of them. I will be driving up there most days in June (for workshops) and probably all the days in July and August, we’ve already agreed, but I figured I would return in September to what I am doing now. Except that by then, of course, we would have made it through the perilous stretch and I would really know what I was doing .

I was looking forward to that. Having heard The Empress talk about next fall as though we were confident that there would be a next fall for us made it seem more likely, too. And now I am wondering whether she is planning to pull the plug on the virtual store as the physical store is beginning to pick up speed.

Ah, well, if I find myself job hunting in the fall, I will be doing so with the newfound ability to toss around words like “saturation” and “linkage” with reference to computers, and up-to-date teaching experience after a couple of years without any, so if my sojourn into home-working fails either for the store or just for me, it still will have had benefits for me.

And I think it possible that I am partly responsible for the picking up of the physical store. I just can’t prove it.

#2 daughter has a solo in Samuel Barber’s “The Prayers of Kierkegaard”  this week, so go and hear her if you are in the Kansas City area.