I was surprised to learn that half of plastic surgeons surveyed reported that they had done a procedure that was a gift.

I also found a plastic surgeon who is offering holiday specials on various non-invasive skin treatments. Apparently they can tighten up your skin with pulses of light nowadays. I tried to watch the videos so I’d know what I was writing about, but they creeped me out too much.

This week on the HGP (why yes, it is a bit late…) the only cleaning is our attics, which I don’t plan to do. But it’s time to make sure your table linens are clean, to make your centerpiece, and to write the names of all the dishes you plan to put out onto Post-it Notes or something. Then, a week from today, you set your table and put the notes into the respective serving dishes.

This is one of those things that sounds like too much trouble, but actually saves you trouble. If you don’t do this, one of the following things will happen:

  • You’ll forget to put out those special rolls you worked so hard to make.
  • You’ll have a pan full of mashed potatoes and no dish to put them in.
  • People will keep asking you, “What should I put the cranberry sauce into?” while you’re doing delicate things with the desserts.

You should still be doing the gradual shopping, unless you are one of those mad people who likes to do it all on the day after Thanksgiving.