Having finished Pompeii in time for today’s Book Club meeting, I have returned to the Richard Dawkins readalong. And I find that the creation /evolution debate continues to be in the news. More than half of all Americans, according to AOL news reports, do not believe in evolution. A woman in discussion group last night claimed that all the fossil evidence was deposited in the flood (of Noah and the ark fame). I kept my eyes down; I like and respect the women in that group, even if it does seem to me that a literal reading of the book of Genesis requires more imagination than I have.

If you are still finding the subject interesting, I have some good online references for you:

Here is a really mean-spirited, dark humor kind of bit on the question of intelligent design. It does make some excellent points, but please consider yourself warned and do not click on that link if you are easily offended. I found it over at Swatch It, where you will also find some Fuzzy Feet action.

Here is one without the violence. And here is one which is not funny at all, but has a lot of points to ponder.

I am being a Fuzzy Feet spectator right now, though I have picked out the yarn for my second pair. I hope to make them over the weekend. By now, #2 daughter has probably received the first pair — she should have been surprised, because I lied outright and said that they were not for her. In reality, she had already told me that she had no slippers and was freezing (sob!) so she had to get the first pair in her coat-and-cookie care package. I am hoping to finish the fifth bawk before casting on for the second Fuzzy Feet. If you want to make yourself a bawk, here is a link to a free online pattern.