Yesterday, the bawk was fine. I was joking that it might have looked alarmed. However, it probably should have looked alarmed, because look what happened to it between then and now. The second repeat, at the top, bears little resemblance to the first repeat. It will all have to be frogged.

Sigh. I came home last night after class and knitted while reading Pompeii, without looking at the pattern — and I suppose without looking at the first repeat, either. This morning I sat and knitted while waiting for the cable guy, and did not notice how wrong it was. Then I had rehearsal after work and knitted some more, continuing with the error. What was wrong with me? I do not know. But I definitely lost a day on this bawk. I may still be able to finish it this week, as I had planned. But right now I have to pull out several inches. Sigh.