I added another couple of jobs yesterday and so am very much not finished. #2 son arrived last night and I knocked off work then and there. I made beef stew and hot rolls for dinner, and we all watched “The Office” while catching up on his semester.

We don’t hear from #2 son much. The other kids are Facebook friends with him, so we catch the high points, but not the details. It was good to talk with him. I also finished the back of his sweater and he gently urged me to speed it up.

I also went to the grocery. I’m making three pies. That’ll be today. Also I will make Jell-O. I’m going to make Sangria Jell-O and Ambrosia Mold, which Sighkey calls “Spanish Cream,” a much better name. Tomorrow I’ll do the vegetables.

It is possible that the house will be tidied. However, I have a whole lot of work to do, so it might not happen.

One thing I’m doing today is interviewing a surgeon who does Da Vinci surgery. This is robotic surgery. As far as I can tell, the surgeon doesn’t touch the patient and perhaps isn’t even in the same room. Our local university is big news in robotics, and this guy is a urologist and has, if I have accurate information, done this type of surgery on more penises than anybody else.

I’m also rewriting a website. And I have some more articles to do. I’ve also been asked to sing at a funeral. I would like to say no. I haven’t answered the email yet. I’m not sure whether I can say no or not. I feel bad about wanting to say no. Let me know your views on this tricky point of etiquette and/or ethics and/or common human decency.