Yesterday I finished up the second of the Kennedy Center things and sent it off. I’ve had no response to either so far, so I hope I’m sending them to the right place.

Then I went off to do some training in Google analytics. This took three hours and was unbillable, but I felt that it was worthwhile and gratifying. Then I spent six hours putting together someone’s e-commerce. This is a person on retainer, so here it is Wednesday and I’ve already gone over his paid time by several hours and it’s all volunteer from here. That isn’t gratifying at all, frankly.

So I had a long day. There was also grading of papers, and my husband and I took the dogs for a walk. It was a slow, brief walk. My husband is not good at going for walks. I don’t think he grasps the concept. We walked around the block slowly, with him trailing behind me with Toby the dog, who was trying manfully (or at least dogfully) to catch up with Fiona the dog, who was hauling me along down the street as though she had somewhere to go.

We got back to the house and Toby wouldn’t go up the walk. We hadn’t, he seemed to suggest, done a long enough walk. He knows how long walks are supposed to go on, and we hadn’t even left the cul de sac. Once Fiona saw that he was taking this position, she turned back and gallumphed over to where Toby was making his stand. Solidarity, she felt, might lead to a proper walk instead of this strolling around the block bit.

No such luck. My husband works all day in a factory, and I still had several hours’ worth of work to do.

Poor dogs.