obama I know some of my readers are Republicans, and they are probably feeling sad today, thinking that an amoral socialist will be taking office soon in place of their beloved president who has made the world a safer place, left no child behind, and brought peace and prosperity to the nation, so I won’t be in your face celebratory or anything, but personally I’m feeling at least slightly hopeful.

Those of us who voted for President-elect Obama can at least have a little quiet exultation, and a T-shirt saying “Yes, we did” would also be okay, it seems to me.

Mr. McCain’s concession speech was gracious, except for the part where he suggested that it was basically African-Americans who had voted for Obama, but he probably did his best.

#2 son volunteered at the polling place yesterday, asking all the newly arrived voters for ID. “I was hoping for a riot,” he said with apparent seriousness while describing his day. In fact, he only had a couple of incidents. First, a friend of the family arrived wearing an Obama button and had to be asked to remove it.

“I didn’t know there’d be bouncers,” she grumbled.

And then there was an old gentleman with a walker who, when asked to show his ID, riposted, “What are you supposed to be?” as though it were still Hallowe’en.

I think the idea was to keep people from getting to the front of the line and realizing with anger that they had forgotten their ID, and to help people find the right line to stand in.

#1 son voted in the primaries, but this was his first election. He wasn’t on the list. It was okay — it was one of the usual name confusions that are a regular part of our lives — but I was glad I was there. He is the kind who would, once they said he wasn’t on the list, have given up and gone home.

I’ll be down at Client #3’s place of business again today. Yesterday, following my class and a productive meeting with The Computer Guy, I went there and got busy on some press releases. My own website is solidly #1 at Google for my name now, so I can hold my head up among my fellow SEOs again and start working on other keywords. I’m working on two websites right now, one with The Computer Guy and the other in an interesting arrangement.

It’s the second of the three pro bono sites I agreed to do back in August, and it’s related to the university. Yesterday, the guy who teaches web design there asked if I’d let his class take it on as a project. Since there’s no paying client involved, I agreed.