10 La Bella gave me these beautiful lengths of Pendleton wool in burgundy and blue, the colors mystically recommended to me back when I did the research for my initial SWAP.

Clearly, I will have to get back to sewing.

One of my clients has asked me the most economical way to do SEO, and I think I will have to post about that at my web marketing blog. I also have one of my pro bono websites to write content for today. I have a regular client to see to and a few papers that straggled in via email and must be graded.

Beyond that, I am going to take the advice of an email I received yesterday and “work on my business, not just work in my business.” As you know, I am resistant to the idea of having a business.However, I see that I need to get up to speed with my accounting software, and create some letterhead and report templates, and do some marketing on days when I don’t have a full day’s worth of billable hours so that there will in future be more days when I do have a full day’s worth of billable hours. And I have my ordinary Wednesday afternoon marathon as well.

But in between all those things, I intend to think about sewing. Matching plaids will be in the back of my mind as I file, and decisions about what shape of jacket or skirt to make with these nice fabrics will occupy my thoughts as I take my daily walk. Then perhaps on Friday I’ll take a PSD.