Right now I don’t like my dogs very much. The little one, Toby, whines much of the night. The big one, Fiona, smells even though I’ve bathed her in pomegranate shampoo. Both scratch themselves even though they have flea collars. Oh, well.

Here was my day yesterday:

5:30-6:30 check email, see husband off to work, blog
6:30 dress, breakfast
7:00-7:30 walk and phone talk with #2 daughter
7:30-8:45 make video blog post for chocolate blog
8:45 help panicked former client with tech trouble, blog post
9:00-9:30 update content for chocolate website
9:30-9:40 post for cookbook blog
9:40- 10:30 grade papers and respond to online class discussions
10:30-11:00 phone meeting with client
11:00-11:15 IM with The Computer Guy
11:15-12:00 emails back and forth for all kinds of stuff, accept new job
12:00-1:00 bank, grocery
1:00-1:30 lunch, email
1:30-1:45 IMs and calls
1:45-3:00 IM meeting with client
3:00-3:15 help current client with tech trouble
3:15-3:17 call to new client
3:17-4:00 site analysis for prospective new client, phone with #1 daughter
4:00-5:30 content writing for British clients
5:30 call from friend with invitation which I turn down
5:30-6:30 cooking, dinner with menfolks
6:30-8:00 continued with British clients’ stuff
8:00-9:00 grading papers, chatting with #2 daughter

A couple of very interesting new projects there, and a new client for a small job which could lead to more. She wants it “late this morning.” I told her it depends on her time zone, but since she’s on the west coast rather than the east I think I can do it.