Wednesday October 21, 2009

Yesterday morning I took a walk. #2 daughter and I talk on the phone while I stroll the neighborhood and she works out in the gym in her building. It’s almost like going to the gym together.

I had three proper meals yesterday, away from the computer. Also Hallowe’en candy, which was completely unnecessary but there you have it.

I watched the second part of The Color of Magic with #1 son while knitting #2 son’s Christmas sweater.

Definite movement toward having a normal life.

Last night I made a pot roast. I put some of those pretty habanera  peppers in — you can just see them by the apples in this picture. They look like little lanterns.

My husband picked one up from the pan and popped it into his mouth.

He assumes that any peppers I’ve gotten will be mild compared with his.

This was not the case. He stomped and flung himself around the kitchen grimacing horribly and keening. I could tell he wasn’t having a heart attack because it was such an athletic performance, but it was some time before he could explain what had happened. I tried to get him to drink milk, which is all I know to do for someone who has casually eaten a habanero pepper.

The roast was good, but I suggest that you not eat peppers whole. Try a little bit first and see whether you really want to eat it like a grape or not.






2 responses to “Wednesday October 21, 2009”

  1. ozarque Avatar

    ROFL here… Amazed that there exists a pepper that can get the upper hand with your husband…

  2. chanthaboune Avatar


    That’s a great Daddy Story!