Since I am doing a second DNA scarf immediately after finishing the first, it is natural that I should compare them, isn’t it? I don’t do this with my kids, of course. I love each for his or her own special qualities, without any possibility of loving one more than another. But these scarves are not sentient beings. They aren’t even entirely organic. They won’t care.

So here they are, the two DNA scarves. The fisherman’s Wool-ease has an immediate advantage in terms of texture. Natural color wool (and even its blended cousins) shows up the textures much better. The crunchy seed stitch, the lush ribbing, the eccentric cables all look so much better in the subtle color variations of the fisherman wool. On the other hand, the Signature is such a lovely shade of blue. The fisherman calls out for tweed jackets, but the blue could dress up a lot more. Becoming to a blue-eyed person, too.

The Signature also has a softer hand than the Wool-ease. There is a slight scratchiness to the fisherman’s-color scarf — not noticeable, of course, once you’ve got your tweed jacket on, but again a point in favor of the blue.

The fisherman’s has a finer gauge, so that scarf is a little smaller than the blue, which can be a plus or a minus, depending on preference.

The third DNA scarf is to be in a soft cream wool, not yet chosen or bought. But once I start it, won’t there be further variations I’ll want to try? Natalie’s is grey, though it has a look of green to it on my computer. I have some handsome grey wool that might enjoy being a DNA scarf…

I did finish the book. I skipped the gym, sent #2 son off on the bus, and ignored the housework, but it was worth it. An excellent book.