La Bella and I went to a Chanticleer concert last night. They were wonderful — a dozen men in swallowtail coats and gleaming shirtfronts, with tuning forks in their pockets. I couldn’t find a YouTube of any of the songs they sang for us last night, but here’s “Dulaman”.

La Bella is a Friend at the Arts center, so we also got to go into the special reception room for wine and conversation. It was fun. I’d been working on the Kennedy Center gig that afternoon, and one of the staff people is an old friend of mine, so I told her that we needed to do the same for our arts center. She agreed. Of course, we’d just been catching each other up on our children for fifteen minutes, so what was she going to say?

Still, I do have a fantasy of moving on from the Kennedy Center job to other, similar jobs.

The concert was amazing. They sang such a variety of pieces. “Straight Street” and a wonderful setting of e.e.cummings’ “in time of” and a collection of Spanish love songs and “Summertime.” Every single piece was wonderful.

Really, I wish I had time to write more. Sigh. Must go teach.