So today I got to class to find myself locked out. This happens a couple of times a semester, and I just hold class out in the hall. Unfortunately, I had planned to use the computer lab (also locked), so I not only had to teach in the hallway, but to do so without a lesson planned.

When I got home, I worked on a newsletter for a software company (they’ve just done some work for Microsoft, which is pretty big news), a website for a community foundation off in another state, an article for a local medical professional, and some blogs. I had some mild tech conversation with my sister and also with a guy —

And here I have to add some information. Last night #1 daughter and I went to the movies with a bunch of the local web workers. We went to see The Social Network, the movie about Facebook. It was quite good. Among the participants was a friends of #1 daughter’s, a nice man whom I kept introducing to my colleagues as “a network guy” or “a hardware guy.” It turns out that he was actually a software engineer. I had to apologize to him about that, so of course I seized the opportunity to ask him a question about the newsletter for the software company.

— who came to the movies with us last night.

Then I went to bells, passing on the way through the church pumpkin patch, and then to choir practice up the hill.

So it was quite a normal day.