The bookkeeper was over yesterday, sorting things out for me. Having done so, at least in part (she’s coming back tomorrow), she asked, “How do you find time to quilt and knit?”

I had to admit that I don’t. Far from spending an hour a day working on Christmas gifts as the HGP says to, I am down to an occasional Sunday evening with the knitting. It was still sitting out since Sunday, where is where the bookkeeper got the impression that I was doing it.

And yet last night, having come to the end of an evening writing about a llama farm, I sat with #1 son and watched two episodes of The Big Bang Theory and ate pizza. I could very easily have picked up my knitting — oh, except for the fact that the current Christmas gift pattern consists of two rows each of which includes about six instances of wrap and turn with complex and unpredictable (to me) shaping.

That’s my excuse and I’m sticking with it.

Speaking of rationalizations, we’re beginning work on an iPhone app. This item also works on an iPod Touch, so the question has become, “Who do we know who owns an iPod Touch, or alternatively which of us should buy a tax-deductible instance of said item?”

On the one hand, this is obviously an area of growth, and we need to leap into fast-flowing streams, and our client already seems to think we’re pretty rustic (another New Yorker outsourcing to the rural south, so I guess he’s prepared to make allowances) and I don’t know how long we can be convincing about our skilz at promoting iPhone apps when we’ve never actually used one.

On the other hand, think about being audited and explaining that you had to buy an iPod Touch and really you only use it for work. Hmm.