The big famous SEO blog posted my essay. Trust me, you’re not going to find it interesting unless you are actually interested in SEO. But I am still flattered when they post my stuff.

In general, I’m past giving away my writing for the flattery of being posted, but that site is the exception.

I completed my hookworm rewrite (did I mention that it got sent back for being too disgusting?) yesterday, taught class, and sent out a couple of “I looked at your site and noticed that it’s not doing what you need it to; my marketing blog might be useful to you, and maybe you’d like to meet and talk about that” emails. I don’t know whether this will turn out to be a useful type of marketing or not, but it seemed worth trying.

I’ve come up with something better in the way of business goals, I think. The rest of #1 son’s tuition needs to be paid, and I would like to smooth out my work load a bit, instead of having a feast or famine (or at least, a feast or not quite a feast) situation. So I figure I need to double my regular contract work and get a good bunch of clients in the wings so that I won’t be waiting on oDesk or The Computer Guy to offer me stuff when I finish a job.10

It’s good to have goals.

After class last night I came home and watched “Dan in Real Life,” which is quite heartwarming. My family has a good deal in common with the family shown there; I can imagine that in another ten or twenty years we’ll have gatherings like that (I’m imagining being the grandmother, you see), but of course without the extraneous drama.

Life is better without too many plot twists. A few, yes, but if there’s enough to keep the action going in a movie, then that’s too much for real life.

While I watched, I worked on this lace scarf. Lace doesn’t look like lace till it’s stretched out properly, so you can’t really see anything here. I need to decide soon whether to make the center of it plain or lace. At the moment, I’m inclined toward letting it be plain, with lace at the ends. Let me know if you have Views on this question.

The people in the movie played games and music together, and read and knitted and made stuff and went for walks and to the gym. This is what we do at our house, too. #2 son is back in gymnastics in spite of the need to pay his brother’s tuition. Both the boys play sports — things like basketball and Ultimate Frisbee — and go climbing.

But these are not all the interests there are in the world. The other night at rehearsal one of the tenors (he’s kind of a loud, braying tenor, but we have an excellent director so it’ll be okay in performance) went off into rhapsodies about birdwatching.

Now, when you sing in this kind of choir, you’re in rows. This guy couldn’t see our faces. So it isn’t all that horrible that most of us were laughing a bit as he went on and on about the opportunities for birdwatching in the place where we’re supposed to go on tour next spring.

Not horrible, maybe, but also not that reasonable. Why is birdwatching a humorously uncool hobby?

He wasn’t doing this little speech at the local rave, after all, or in a pool hall. We were all people who sing for fun. I know for a fact that there are several people in the group who are in book clubs. I play handbells, for heaven’s sake. Not for fun, it’s true, but I do it. Lots of the people there are old. There’s no reason to think that we were an especially hip and trendy group.

But birdwatching was somehow just so uncool that we thought it was funny.

I don’t know why that should be. We don’t laugh up our sleeves at people who go sailing or fishing. I was at a dinner party recently where there was quite a bit of conversation about the birds and animals in our back yards. None of the guests rolled their eyes.

Maybe it was the way he talked about it.

So today I have papers to grade, quite a bit of work for Client #4, Amazon reviews, and a meeting about the Advent and Christmas music, plus the usual Wednesday marathon. I must also get a walk in. Last night I said something about the upheaval in my life interfering with my daily life and The Innkeeper asked, “What upheaval?”  This reminded me that it has been nearly six months since I lost my job and I should get it together or at least quit using the fact as an excuse for having my life in a state of disorder.

Another goal.