I have completed the first sock of pair #2. I made a broad toe to accomodate the lacy leaves, and it turns out to be very comfortable. I am pleased that I was able to keep the pattern going to the toe, so I can admire them on those hanging-around-in-socks days this winter. But don’t tell my mother, who brought me up never to wear socks without shoes.

Now that it’s completed, it is very obvious that my use of one different-sized needle after losing one of the original set has made a big difference — I think even in the photograph, you can pick out the bits that were knitted with the bamboo! I don’t care much, since it is a utilitarian garment, but it does leave me with a dilemma when it comes to the second sock. I started this one on a size 2.5 circular needle and then shifted to the 3-2.5s and a 2 arrangement when the circular became impractical (and I discovered that 2.5s are no longer made). So should I do the same thing in order to match more exactly, or go with just the 2s in order to be more even? Elizabeth Zimmerman (the Great) says that it will all even out with washing, but setting out to knit unevenly seems wrong, somehow.