Yesterday (if we can understand that term to be flexible, in that we are talking about a couple of hemispheres here) I added a client in New Mexico and one in Australia. I put them onto my calendar. This will put my invoices where I want them to be for the month. I also like both of these clients, and their websites are going to be fun for me to work with. I have two other proposals out there still. I set up a meeting with one of my pro bono projects, and I have assignments today for a couple of current projects.

I had an email last night responding to one of my link requests for my Big Client. “You may be wondering,” they said, “why we haven’t posted the terrific lesson plan you sent us.” It is because they intend to feature it and include it in the newsletter they send out to massive numbers of teachers. Big Client’s website is the centerpiece of the lesson plan. I sent the announcement along to him, of course. While my initial reaction to his message saying we didn’t have a start date included a feeling that he should have told me sooner, I realized that my hesitation to commit myself because of the Big Client has led me to take on some interesting things that I wouldn’t have felt free to do had I known ahead of time.

I also hear that my website is ready for me to add the content. I just have to learn how. So I’ll be studying up on Dreamweaver over the weekend. Adobe is so nice about free trials.

Also, I got into my campus email at last. There I found much elderly email, including a request to join my class, as I had been highly recommended, which I found implausible but sweet.

My students did their second round of peer reviews yesterday. I put them into groups of five and walk around while they provide useful feedback on one another’s projects. First I stopped to talk with one group that was all girls. They were telling each other how great the papers were, and how much better than the previous assignments, and how much smoother the writing sounded.

“You’re being really supportive of one another,” I said, “and that’s great. But you’re not giving each other much in the way of help for the rewrite. Be tougher.”

“We’re trying. It’s just that these papers are all so much better than last time. There’s nothing to say.”

I admired one girl’s semicolon and gave some suggestions for things they might discuss — the specific word choices, the punctuation, the clarity of the organization — and moved on to the next group. This one contained boys as well as girls, and they were still ooing and ahing over one another’s papers.

“They’re just so much better,” they explained.

The third group had quit discussing their papers and moved on to country music: for and against. The papers, they explained, were just so much better.

We had a little chat as a class about getting even better, and they carried on.

I am looking forward to reading their papers.

That is on my list for today, plus the assignments for Clients #s 3 and 4, who got their numbers back before I had too many clients for numbers. I guess the newer ones will have to be geographical. I have a deadline for a blog post tomorrow morning, plus three routine ones, and I need to give some little bit of thought to one with a Monday deadline. That one is for a client who gives me topics, and he hasn’t done so yet, so there is a limit to the amount of thinking I can do for it, but I’m hoping to be getting my own website up on Monday. I also really have to do my GTD processing today. Or else.

In short, I have plenty of work again. I have now put people out onto my calendar rather than deciding to work far into the night to get everyone done as soon as they ask (only a week out, it’s true, but still, one has to start somewhere). Next project is to greet days with little billable work as opportunities to get caught up on the business side of my work, rather than deciding that it means I will never have enough work again.

Tuesday night class started up again last night. I am in a group with six other self-employed people (plus a couple of nurses, a homeschooling mother of five, and a Starbucks barista).I hope to benefit from their examples. Our leader, an interior designer, used the word “impactful” more than once. I am trying not to hold this against her.

Bell choir begins again tonight, and the class studying Serve God, Save the Planet, which I am leading, and then tomorrow night the choirlet starts rehearsals again. I will be completely back on fall schedule.

Since I didn’t actually spend the summer drinking Mai Tais on the lanai, it may not matter much.