I went to a Pampered Chef training last night. It was fun, and informative, and I think I am prepared for my first cooking show tomorrow. Possibly the most surprising moment was when a woman came up to us and said, “I’m here for a meeting?” in a hesitant voice.

“The new Pampered Chef consultant training?” said Janalisa in her most perky and welcoming manner.

“No,” the woman stammered, “Narcotics Anonymous.”

Janalisa helped her find the right room. Apparently she remarked that we had seemed like an unusually nice group of drug addicts. I would have thought that the presence of a table full of kitchen gear and Elegant Artichoke Cups would have been the tip-off, but maybe they often have cooking demonstrations at Narcotics Anonymous meetings. Maybe I could serve that population.

One of my fellow new consultants is a synchronized swimmer from Pittsburgh. This made her so exotic and fascinating to the rest of us you just can’t imagine.

Otherwise, I spent most of my day at the store, creating alluring vistas or at least getting the books into a reasonable order.

#2 daughter has been offered a position at a local prep school. It pays well and has great benefits, and she will do it very well, I am sure. She has to find out what would be required of her in terms of certification before she accepts, but they want her to begin on Monday. This may or may not mean that she will have to give up on the symphony job with the slow and stately hiring process that has been going on for several months now, but it does mean that she will be able to leave her non-music day job.

They want her to begin on Monday, so there will be very little suspense involved in this episode of the ongoing work saga chez fibermom and family.

#1 daughter is enjoying her new job well enough, and has been impressed with how well the counselors are compensated. Also with how hard they work. She has only been there two days, so her ignorance is always being shown up. For example, there is apparently someone named “Valerie” associated with the franchise, and the clients talk about her as though she were a dear friend. We gather that she is an actress who plays in the commercials for the weight-loss clinic. People come in and remark that they have seen Valerie and that she has lost so much weight and looks great. #1 daughter is supposed to join them in their enthusiasm, and instead she spent all day trying to figure out which mutual friend and/or coworker was named Valerie.

This is hard on her. She is a girl who likes to do things excellently. It doesn’t matter so much what she does; it is the fact of doing it really well that she finds satisfying. This means that the first days at any new job are rough for her.

My husband is working 10-hour shifts and then coming home and spending his evenings working on my car. #1 son is weed-eating after classes up on the mountain (okay, it is a hill, but it is called “Mount” on the map). I begin teaching my class on hymns today after my day of computer work, and finally got the proof copy of my most recent encyclopedia article to approve… payment for it cannot be too far off.

Our industrious fall is underway.

#2 son, you will notice, is not working. He is trying to work hard at school to improve his GPA for scholarships. His strategy for this has many points, including two semesters of welding class. He figures that he is assured an A in there, and he thinks that this experience with manufacturing will be a benefit for him in his future as an architect. He talks most about his AP Psychology class. He also works hard at gymnastics, also with scholarships in mind.

But he is, economically, a lily of the field. He is the last one who receives an allowance, and he relies on his siblings’ largesse for his fast food fixes. He will be 16 next week, so he may be earning something next summer. Until then, he can represent leisure for the rest of us.





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  1. chanthaboune Avatar

    It must also be said that a good portion of the length of time is due to my confusion in the morning. I just don’t function well.

  2. illgrindmyownthankyou Avatar

    so the narcotics addicts could just become food addicts, that would work well for you.

    valerie is valerie bertinelli, I think she must be close to our age, she was on some sitcom in the late 70’s early 80’s.  she married eddie van halen.  she put on weight after each baby just like the rest of us, she and kirsti allie do commercials for jenny

  3. CanadianNational Avatar

    An unusually nice group of drug addicts? That is HILARIOUS! I laughed out loud and scared the birds on the feeder outside my office window. I’m envious – I want to take welding classes.

  4. sighkey Avatar

    We never had psych at high school level in NZ. In fact I had heard that our HOD was firmly against introducing psych at senior high school level in any of the high schools in our city. She thinks that students have an unrealistic view of psych as it is (which they do over here at least) and I suspect she believes that high school students would only be more exposed to the minority of those psych subfields that are televisual dramatic – like forensic psych, and certain sub areas of abnormal psych – if it were taught at school.

  5. Kali_Mama Avatar

    Industrious fall. That’s the word.