Life has returned to normal. You may remove your seatbelts and move around the cabin.

Actually, life never left normal for quite a lot of you, and others may not have established yet what normalcy consists of, but I was just thinking yesterday that life really has returned to normal for me and mine.

This is an annual event. Some years the summer is more abnormal than others; this year both my daughters had crises and/or major upheavals in their lives and both my sons had major transitions and of course we had the Great Appliance Plague of 2006 (I whined a lot about the refrigerator and a little about the computer, but we also suffered the deaths of our coffee pot, garage door opener, toaster, and two of the burners on our stove; I don’t know what was up) and the opening of the new store.

But yesterday I returned to my Tuesday class. With this milestone, we are completely in the fall schedule. School for the kids, classes and rehearsals for me, the HGP… life is real, life is earnest. There are hints of color in the trees and we had a low temperature in the 60s last night, plus there is something about the angle of the sunlight that makes me believe that fall will arrive.

Yesterday was a day of small tasks. I sorted out all the coats and jackets in the coat closet and made people try them on and decide which ones could go to the rummage sale. (BTW, Pokey, if you don’t want your yellow jacket any more, I am going to wear it.) I made some bubble bath in summer scents — honeysuckle and lettuce — to celebrate the end of the season. I’ll be making fall ones next. I rearranged the social studies section at work and packed up the latest order for our old lady in the hills.

This is a woman who buys all her books from us — she lives in the hills and doesn’t get out much. She has sounded ancient since the time ten or fifteen years ago that she started calling us for books. She reads very interesting things — this time, it is The Fair Tax Book and Robert Sabuda’s pop-up Castle — and some day I would like to meet her.

Partygirl and I did some planning for The Princess’s bridal shower. I mended #2 son’s backpack, which lost its straps because he still hasn’t been able to find his locker after three weeks at the high school and therefore has to carry all his books around. I rejoiced with #1 daughter on her purchase of a car and the beginning — now that she can walk on her ankle again — of her job search. If you are thinking that I just had a daughter buying a car and doing a job search, you are right; this is the other daughter. Laundry got done and Frugalreader books got packed up for mailing.

I made one of the three orders that comprise my shopping for holiday giftmaking supplies. This place was the easy one. If you are the sort of crafter who likes bits of ribbon and buttons and ephemera, go click that link. If you are the crafter who only orders stuff like 20 skeins of Silk Garden, skip it.

By the end of the week, following the HGP, I will have made the other two purchases. One will be a soldering iron. Having received much useful advice, for which I am grateful, I will be doing a bit more scouting before making a final decision on that. The other is my annual soap order. I know what I need for my household, but haven’t quite decided what I might want for gifts. Is it time to do lotion bars and lip balm again? Will I try that new men’s fragrance recipe? Should I use up that lye and coconut oil in my cupboard at last? These are the weighty decisions I must make before pushing that button. Here is where I get my soapmaking supplies.

Today I will go to the gym, finish cleaning the coat closet, pack the online orders and redo the math section at work, have Spanish class and choir practice, work on a duet I’m preparing with Jannalisa, and perhaps make gingerbread for the freezer. My Tychus hat redo is progressing too slowly for a picture to be worthwhile. Pipes and Erin have to wait till the weather moves closer to an autumnal briskness.

Ah, ordinariness!