Yesterday was a glorious day, so I’m sharing my walk with you.

First there’s the generalized greenery.

Then you can stop off and play chess by the river.

These pictures are for my college chum, because we saw public chess tables near her place and I told her about this one. It overlooks the creek.

There are still plenty of wildflowers.

But there are also signs of fall approaching.

It was a nice walk. I had two big projects involving clients yesterday, and both were postponed. I therefore spent some time working on a new website I’m making and coincidentally my website building skills, such as they are. I also had a whole lot of papers to grade and Dark Artwork to do. Bits of intrigue among and around competitors. Interesting possible assignments, because that’s how it is in this business — you ask people whether they’d be up for something if the client comes through, and the client may or may not come through. I do that, too, with the designers. Would they do X and if so what would they charge? And then it may or may not come to fruition. It just adds interest to the day.

I was also named a Top Writer at oDesk, which is kind of cool, I guess. Like so many awards, it’s based on numbers of some kind rather than literary quality or anything, so it’s fairly artificial. Still, being in the top 25 of the thousands over there was a nice end to the day.

Still, it’s really all about the beginning of the day, isn’t it? I always think that how you feel when you first wake up is a good indicator of how your life is going. I wake up with a sore back and my mind full of things like what the chances of success are for an adwords campaign or whether I’ve gotten everything graded or not.

So, yeah, still working on the normal life part.