Yesterday was a full day. I qualified, in Central Office talk, which is sort of like “flying up” for Campfire girls. This means that I now have a website. I am forbidden to link to it, but you can message me and I’ll send it to you. I’d like critiques.

I was initially a bit startled to find that we couldn’t link, seeing as I spend quite a lot of time courting links for the sites I am paid to take care of, but on reflection I figure that the company doesn’t want to take away the human contact. That is, you should have your own PC consultant in your neighborhood who takes care of you personally and cooks for you. Some of you are in my xanga neighborhood, but the company doesn’t want people shopping online in a cold and nonhuman way.

The Empress told me yesterday that she is nearly ready to allow people to shop with the store online in a cold and nonhuman way. I have spent some months doing my best to ensure that people who shop at our website call us or go to the store or read our blogs or something, rather than shopping with us as though we were, you know, a store.

Occasional orders from other states and countries slip through, but I do my best.

I do four websites for the store, all linked together. Two are blogs. One is a reasonably popular blog, which gets featured occasionally on those blog-collecting sites, and listed in directories and stuff, and people from all over the world visit it. I find this cool. The other blog is visited almost exclusively by local people, and only gets a few visits a day. But then yesterday, all of a sudden, a couple dozen people from places like Turkey, Greece, and Norway visited it. I don’t know why. It only has posts like “We have a new shipment of magnets in the store! Come in and let us help you pick some out,” and I can’t believe that people in Europe are wowed by that.

It just shows how little control we have over the internet, that’s all. If we are in fact going to encourage random shopping from strangers, though, I will need to do all kinds of different things. That will be fun. It will also take time. I don’t know whether I should start now, on the theory that we will be ready for it when it gets going, or not, in case The Empress changes her mind.

I also found a science connection for a lesson I’m working on that I am quite thrilled about. It’s so perfect, yet non-obvious, that I bored both The Empress and The Princess with it. They were quite polite about it.

However, these little thrills just show how dull and staid my life is.

One of our toy reps had a big adventure. (A toy rep is a person who travels around showing toys to toysellers. A fun job. People with jobs like that probably have adventures all the time.) He was hit by a car.

He, a pedestrian, was hit by a car.

As he lay there on the ground, bleeding, with his wrist bone poking out of the skin, the driver came around to him and said, “You know that this was your fault, don’t you?”

For just a moment, let’s imagine that it was indeed his fault. Let’s imagine that, rather than walking in the crosswalk as he claims, he actually leapt nimbly in front of the moving vehicle just for fun.

Can you now imagine getting out of the vehicle and walking around to the wounded man and telling him he was at fault?