I continued to be unhappy with the holes left by the M1s in the brim of Headline News, so I fixed it by making wee little cables (I used those short bamboo needles) over the lines of holes. Now I am happy with this cap, and will wrap it up.

It is having to slouch in an odd position here to show you its brim. But it is quite cute. However, plenty of people liked it made from the original pattern, too. I don’t want my having changed it completely to look like criticism of the original pattern. Variety is the spice of life.

I need to remind myself of this, because I found myself in possession of a copy of an Annie’s Attic catalog. Annie’s Attic offers some things that other yarn companies do not. For example, you can get pattern books for Desperate Crochet, Desperate Knitting, and Desperate Beading. It is not clear what has made these crafters so desperate, but they must indeed be desperate to make these ugly things.

Or perhaps you need a Pooch Poncho Kit. Or a bizarre Tea Party Doily, which has attached to it a full crocheted tea set, making it entirely worthless for all normal doily purposes.

It is hard to choose a favorite from all these amazing objects, but I think the best is the collection of embroidered fly swatter covers, because they will “transform your dull, drab flyswatters into whimsical accents for every room,” a feat which I might like to see, if it were not such a disgusting thought. I don’t own any flyswatters, dull and drab or otherwise, so it may be that I just do not understand the heartbreak of having drab flyswatters in every room of my house.

And, indeed, it is a beauty in the eye of the beholder situation, isn’t it? Someone spent many hours making the prototypes of these objects which are to me so unappealing. They must have liked them. Someone published these patterns, someone chose to put them into the catalog (maybe Annie, for all I know), and someone will probably buy them, too.

And I strove for open mindedness among the creationists last night, too. I am making it sound as though everyone there was a Biblical literalist, but I am sure that was not true. There are 300 or so women in this group, from all walks of life and denominations, so obviously the creationists were probably not even in the majority. However, the materials we are reading for this class take the position that you cannot accept evolution  and also be a Christian, which is an extreme viewpoint, one I have not previously encountered in the flesh.

My mother claims that she is a Christian but believes in reincarnation, and I don’t believe her for a second. So I know how the writers of the materials feel. On the other hand, I also kept wanting to say “Oh, for pity’s sake. There is direct evidence of natural selection. Get a grip!” I didn’t say that, and neither did anyone else. On the way back from class, however, I explained natural selection to Partygirl, who for some reason never studied that at the parochial school in West Memphis.

In return, she explained indulgences to me. #1 son has been studying the Reformation in APEuro, and The Empress gave me a copy of Martin Luther’s theses to read when it came up in her Sunday School class, so I had been reminded quite recently of the historical question of indulgences. However, I had no idea that they were still customary. Partygirl gave me a card detailing one particular indulgence and how to get it, which was quite fascinating. So I learned something yesterday, in addition to the beneficial mental exercise of attempting to be open-minded.

However unsuccessfully. You are just not going to see a flyswatter cozy in my house, that’s all.