Here’s what I did yesterday:

  • did a few blog posts for various clients
  • went for a walk/ strategy phone meeting
  • had two client phone meetings, including an initial interview for a new web site
  • arranged domain registration, hosting, and logo design for said new web site
  • planned a year-long series of customer support emails for the British IT company
  • moved a blog
  • did an SEO strategy plan for a client
  • graded papers
  • did last-minute rewrites on a couple of articles after people I’d given up on answered emails
  • watched Equilibrium with #1 son.
  • talked on the phone with daughters #1 and #2

Yes, it was pretty much a perfect day.

Today I saw the following conversation between two of my tech guys:

“Does she use html and php? If not I may will do that”
“Yes, she can move around in html/php.”

So there it is, actual tech guys say I can move around in their world. I find that much more convincing than the whole html certification thing was, though I still plan to retake that test to improve my score.

It’s a year since my website launched, my business is doing well, I’m having some semblance of normal life… what more could I ask?

Actually, I am trying really hard to pay some attention to my physical health. Yesterday and Monday, nice walks and reasonably close to proper meals. Web Worker Daily says we web people often suffer from “broken body clocks” so we end up delaying or skipping meals, eating any old thing that won’t require too much time out of our 14-hour workday, and not getting any exercise.

Yes, I had noticed that. They go on to say that we just need to apply our tech skills, batch cooking healthy food just as we batch process our files, keeping healthy snacks and water in the office, and tracking our exercise online. I’m actually doing those things this week — except the water jug, which sounds like a good idea to me. I’ll do it today.

Breakfast now — the article included a particular mention of how we are inclined to get involved in answering emails in the morning and forget breakfast. Really easy to do.