I did not knit in the meeting, but I might as well have. It was much as I had anticipated, except that the owner of the center was present, which seemed to cut down on the whining. The Empress winked at me during one of the many discussions of the football schedule. I think it was when one of the guys said that the entire east side of town empties when there is an away game. One is left with the image of a ghost town (east of the highway, that is), with the occasional sad non-football fan shuffling through the streets in search of sustenance.

Then they planned committees, and one of them was to include That Man “and his gals.” I definitely could have knitted in that meeting.

The Knitting Revolutionary(http://monnsqueak.blogdrive.com/ ) spins in choir practice.I have thought of knitting in choir, but how would I hold the music? Spinning seems like more of a statement than knitting, too. Larger implements. The problem with all knitting in public is that non-knitters assume you are not paying attention. The fact that we knitters often do this in order to avoid wasting time — and tell people so — adds to this danger. Ozarque (http://www.livejournal.com/users/ozarque/ ) is having a discussion ont he matter of paying attention to people, and you can tell that it is a big deal. We knitters know that we can listen and knit at the same time, but the folks we are with are likely to take umbrage.

Unless they were thinking of us as one of somebody’s gals in the first place.