Yesterday I did blog posts, walked over to the church to fax my contract to the client for a job I finished over the weekend, did a couple more hours’ work on the chocolatier’s site, set up autopay at the internet provider, grabbed a sandwich and did the grocery shopping, did my usual ranks and analytics for The Northerners, spent another hour fiddling around with the chocolatier, edited #1 daughter’s proposal for a potential client, put in an hour or two for a Dark Art client, went with La Bella to an AAUW meeting, came home to a new oDesk assignment, and graded papers while watching TV with #1 son.

It seemed like a nice, normal day.

It’s pitiful that my big goal for life is having normal days.

But La Bella and I were talking about this. She’s retired and has no children, and yet the list of things she had done that day was as long as mine. As we agreed to sell ads for the Gridiron Show and signed up on the cookie list before going upstairs to add our name to the book club luncheon, we thought that we might ought to say no to some things.

Not too many things, though. As they say, you get plenty of rest when you’re dead.

At least, I think so. If heaven has a cookie rota, La Bella and I are probably going to be putting our names on it.