I have been taking care of my skin properly for 1 week.

1 week into skincare experiment
before skin care experiment

Maybe I’m pinker than before, but colors are not reliable in cameras, on monitors, etc. I think the wrinkles and spots are about the same.

My skin feels soft and thick, though. I’ve gotten the routine down to seven minutes. Seven minutes twice a day of nice smells and soft textures, followed by a sense of accomplishment and/or pampered-ness.

But Cosmedica, the company that sent me a box of potions, has five reasons to take good care of your skin.

Here they are:

  • Comfort. You don’t have to walk around with  dry, itchy skin.
  • Faster healing. In case you have problems, cared-for skin is healthier and heals faster.
  • Prevention of illness. Your skin protects you from the outside world, including illnesses.
  • Cancer prevention. They’re separating this one out because they’re thinking about skin cancer.
  • Appearance. You’ll look better.

I don’t worry about those things. If I had worried about those things, I might not have so many wrinkles and sun spots.