I’ve spent the past few days dealing with doctors, nurses, funeral homes, hospital financial officers, lawyers — and also tech support as my work week was punctuated by a couple of serious tech issues.

RescueTime shows a mere 39.5 hours at the computer this week — less than normal for me, but not bad under the circumstances.

Friends have stopped by and people have sent plants and flowers and good wishes. I’ve been thinking and talking about my mother a lot, but I know that her death is not a tragedy. She had a full life and that life was over some time ago.

We’re not through with the making of arrangements following my mother’s death, but I am going to try to give myself a day to recuperate. I’ve been skipping meals and eating junk food. I’ve also not been sleeping well, and of course my home is a mess. I have work to do today, but I plan to take most of the day to take care of myself.

#1 daughter has been helping me, and she’s also been stressed. Her fiance told her to eat some sugar. I’ve eaten sugar, but I think that salad would be a better choice. My stepfather hasn’t been helping, exactly. I took him to the doctor, where he asked to be admitted to the hospital, said, “I want to be pampered!” and “I’m not going to get what I want” and complained that he hurt everywhere. The doctor snapped at him that he wasn’t any worse off than he had been last time the doctor had seen him, and that he hadn’t done any of the things he had been told to do. A bit bizarre, really. My husband told me chatty stories about how his mother visited him after her death, and about the beliefs regarding death in his native country. For example, one shouldn’t cry because that can make it too damp for the dead to travel to where they’re supposed to go. Too much crying, and they might need a boat. Also a bit bizarre.

This is the last day of January, and true to form I have not written the chapter of the month. I pride myself on how I meet deadlines, but #1 daughter points out that I only barely meet deadlines. So I’ll be writing. For some clients, too. And I hope I’ll do a good deal of cleaning. Knitting, too, since I am within hallooing distance of finishing #2 daughter’s sweater.

This is my plan for the weekend. Frankly, it isn’t much different from my plan for any weekend.